Featured speaker: Melvin Yuan

Great news guys, we honored to announce that Melvin Yuan from Pr 2.0 Universe will be one of our keynote speakers to kick start Podcamp Singapore 2008!


Melvin Yuan - Our guest speaker! 🙂

Melvin founded The PR 2.0 Universe.com to help PR practitioners understand how the evolution of the World Wide Web has resulted in a new and dramatically transformed world today.  He believes that the gap between traditional PR methods and wired-world business objectives today must be bridged to herald a new and meritorious beginning.

Melvin’s personal site endeavors to help PR professionals navigate and understand the new media landscape that we live in today, and attempts to chronicle the successes and failures of others so we may learn from their mistakes and emulate their best practices for our own success.

Melvin’s topic of choice for Podcamp Singapore 2008 will be, in his words, a “truly social” one as he will be “crowd-sourcing for content and presenting the views of my friends in social media.”

Melvin is the Director of Digital Strategies Group, Asia, and Waggener Edstrom Worldwide. He is also the co-founder of Scoopasia.com, as well as a Member of the Social Media Collective and The Digital Movement (Singapore).

We at Podcamp Singapore are very excited that Melvin will be coming down for our event, and we certainly can’t wait to hear his speech! 🙂


3 Responses to “Featured speaker: Melvin Yuan”

  1. Howdy! I doubt I’ll be doing much crowdsourcing after all… don’t have enough time to get opinions from a good enough cross-section of our local community. And I doubt I’ll be speaking for one whole hour. Looking forward to meeting everyone there! Let’s keep it like a real unconference! 🙂

  2. wahahaha, lookin’ forward to it Melvin -)

  3. podcampsingapore Says:

    Hey Melvin! Sure, no problem, feel free to talk about whatever you like for however long you want to 😉 Looking forward to it!

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