Quick Updates!

Hi guys just a quick update. Most of our speakers’ slots have now been filled, and we only have ONE slot available. If you are interested in sharing with us your views on Web2.0, please contact us asap if not that slot will soon be gone too! 😉

Also, we are pleased to announce that Daniel Tsou and Wong Renhao of Tech65 fame will be talking about Podcasting in Singapore and sharing with us some of the valuable lessons they have learnt over the years. Tech65 has been nominated for the Ping Blog Awards II, under the Best Audio/Video Podcast category.

We at Podcamp Singapore can’t wait to hear more about their experiences! Join us come Saturday to share in the fun! 🙂


4 Responses to “Quick Updates!”

  1. hey hey, is that slot still available? i’d like to discuss about “Why should we or shouldn’t we be paying bloggers?”


    “What does it mean to be a blogger? – Your life on the line”

  2. @brian… if I could vote, I’d say go for “What does it meant to be a blogger….”

    Looking forward to it!

  3. podcampsingapore Says:

    Yes, we have reserved a slot for you from 12-1. 😉

  4. brian: why shouldnt we or should we be paying bloggers sounds like a really interesting topic. to be honest what i’d really like to know is how much bloggers are being paid!

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