Venue and List of Speakers

Hey guys, so the venue is confirmed! Podcamp Singapore will be held at Singapore Management University, in the School of Economics and Social Sciences at Seminar Rooms 4.3 and 4.4. 🙂

Below is the list of our speakers, and the topics that they will be talking about:


 SR 4.3

 SR 4.4

 10am-  11am

 Melvin Yuan [Waggener  Edstrom]

 “Crowdsourcing for content”

 Walter Lim [National Heritage Board]

 “Old Stories, New Media”

 11am-  12pm

 Charlie Pownall [Burson  Marsteller]

 Farinelli & Daniel Tsou [Tech65]

 “Podcasting in SG – Some Lessons  Learnt”

 12pm-  1pm

 Preetam Rai  []

 “Top Web 2.0/Social Media  Tweeters in Asia worth  following”

 Brian Koh [Ogilvy]

 “Why should we or shouldn’t we be  paying bloggers?”


 “What does it mean to be a blogger? –  Your life on the line”






 Michael Netzley  []


 Joshua Nair

 “3-D internet, the future of  social media.”  

 Amsie []


We still have ONE free slot, so anyone interested, let us know!! 😉


5 Responses to “Venue and List of Speakers”

  1. Tan Jiong Hao Says:

    Hey interested here mobile blogger here and developer

  2. Tan Jiong Hao Says:

    is that slot for speakers? becos not wanting to be speaker but as as a listener

  3. podcampsingapore Says:

    Yes, that slot is for speakers. But please feel free to join us and enjoy the interesting talks that other speakers have prepared! See you tmr? 🙂

  4. dropped you guys an email but no response. i don’t mind taking the remaining session if it’s still open:

    “Blogging, Podcasting, or Youtube? Choosing the right medium.”

  5. podcampsingapore Says:

    Oh no, sorry our mistake! Yes, the remaining session is still open, and we would be delighted to hear from you! We look forward to your sharing session, and see you tmr! 🙂

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