Post event news

Hi podcampers!

Photos of the actual event are up on Flickr, so do take a look. You never know, you just might catch yourself in a candid moment! 😉 Check them out here!


A couple of quick updates on what fellow netizens are saying about us- find out what Mark has to say here, listen to Tech65 here, and enjoy some live blogging that DK did here. One of our organizers (Geri) have also shared her thoughts here, as have Anubsha here.

Also, great news! Podcasts of our extremely interesting speakers are up on switchpod, and on Tech65, so people who have missed out on our event due to various reason can still enjoy the talks! For those who missed certain speakers, here is your chance to hear what people in the other room had to say. Finally, if you just want to catch the conversations and discussions going on, you can do so again at your leisure. This means that you can pause and listen to the best bits over and over again! 🙂

We wanted to do something for all you fellow podcampers out there post event, so what better way to do so than a video capturing the very essence of Podcamp Singapore v2.0? We hope you enjoy watching the video, heres to fond memories and fun times! 🙂

Just in case you are unable to view the video on the blog, here’s the link. 🙂


2 Responses to “Post event news”

  1. oldskoolmark Says:

    Awesome job guys!! Looking forward to next year’s podcamp!

  2. podcampsingapore Says:

    thanks for coming! 🙂

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