Featured speaker: Walter Lim

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The next speaker we are pleased to introduce to you guys is Walter Lim from the National Heritage Board.  The National Heritage Board actively promotes the development of the cultural and heritage scene in Singapore. They make this sector fun, enriching, and accessible to all through exciting events that would engage diverse audiences!

Walter is, in his own words, “an experienced marketer and publicist in the lifestyle and heritage sector, who relishes new ideas, refreshing approaches, and unconventional solutions to age-old problems.” You can find out more about Walter and learn about his interesting ideas on his personal blog, Cool Insights!



Walter Lim - our guest speaker! 🙂

We are looking forward to Walter’s topic, which is “Old Stories, New Media”. He will chronicle to us what the National Heritage Board is doing with social media, with the emphasis on the nuts and bolts behind Singapore’s heritage, museum, and nostalgia blog, Yesterday.sg.

So do stay tuned! 🙂



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Hi guys I hope you are all as excited about Podcamp Singapore come Saturday as we are! Anyway, thank you all for your kind words and links to our event. The hashtag for Podcamp Singapore is going to be #podcampsingapore. Please use this tag for all your blog posts, tweets, or flickr uploads! See you at podcamp! 🙂

Featured speaker: Melvin Yuan

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Great news guys, we honored to announce that Melvin Yuan from Pr 2.0 Universe will be one of our keynote speakers to kick start Podcamp Singapore 2008!


Melvin Yuan - Our guest speaker! 🙂

Melvin founded The PR 2.0 Universe.com to help PR practitioners understand how the evolution of the World Wide Web has resulted in a new and dramatically transformed world today.  He believes that the gap between traditional PR methods and wired-world business objectives today must be bridged to herald a new and meritorious beginning.

Melvin’s personal site endeavors to help PR professionals navigate and understand the new media landscape that we live in today, and attempts to chronicle the successes and failures of others so we may learn from their mistakes and emulate their best practices for our own success.

Melvin’s topic of choice for Podcamp Singapore 2008 will be, in his words, a “truly social” one as he will be “crowd-sourcing for content and presenting the views of my friends in social media.”

Melvin is the Director of Digital Strategies Group, Asia, and Waggener Edstrom Worldwide. He is also the co-founder of Scoopasia.com, as well as a Member of the Social Media Collective and The Digital Movement (Singapore).

We at Podcamp Singapore are very excited that Melvin will be coming down for our event, and we certainly can’t wait to hear his speech! 🙂

Seeking advice from the expert

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As part of organizing Podcamp Singapore v2.0, we thought it would be best to seek advice from the expert to guide us along our way! We called Mitch Joel of 6 Pixels of Separation fame to talk about the 6 best practices of organizing a podcamp, and were fortunate to be able to receive his kind advice. Mitch himself is a podcamp veteran, having attended the inaugural Podcamp Singapore as well as the recent Podcamp Montreal.

Here are the main pointers that we took away from his counsel:

1.     Get the right sponsors: to have a great experience, the right sponsors should be approached. These sponsors should have a genuine desire to help the community, and not be merely concerned about their advertising benefits.

2.     Have a great venue: great audiovisual equipment such as projectors and microphones would greatly enhance the presentations. The university should have the right facilities such as a good strong WiFi, which would be useful in the streaming of videos. Organizers have to be on hand to facilitate the sessions, so they should not be the people in charge of audiovisuals.

3.     Learn from others: visit podcamp.org and check out the likes and dislikes of people. Create a checklist to help us along. Follow the checklist that others have laid out for us; embrace and follow the rules of what makes a great podcamp!

4.     Use social media tools to engage the groundswell: do up a blog and wiki, and be as open as possible about everything and anything from the presentations to the finances. Transparency is key.

5.     Smooth flow of presentations: use an open wiki! Disperse similar topics over the course of the day, so that people would not find the talks repetitive or monotonous. The opening keynote presentation should get people going and there should be a crescendo of content. Allow a networking break for people to consolidate their takeaways.

6.     Plan great events outside the actual event: ensure that there are things people can do at night or at lunch outside the event. A podcamp is like a social gathering; people should get together and bond. Things like recommendations on good food around the venue would be appreciated.

His guidance was very useful and we will be looking to incorporate these pointers within the next few weeks! Here’s the audio clip if you would like to listen to the podcast Mitch made. Enjoy!

Mitch Joel Podcast

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What is a Podcamp?

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Podcamp.org explains that a PodCamp is a FREE BarCamp-style community UnConference for podcasters and listeners, bloggers and readers, and anyone interested in digital/ social media. Unlike a conventional conference, we don’t decide the speakers. Rather, the people who attend Podcamp are free to decide if they want to be speakers. The only catch it has to be about social media related topics like podcasts, blogs, wikis etc.

A Podcamp is an unorganized conference. It is an informal gathering where people have the opportunity to share and learn in an open yet intense environment. People will be able to interact with like-minded others to discuss and demonstrate their ideas and thoughts.

You do not even have to be particularly established or knowledgeable about Web2.0 to join us. All you have to do is bring along your sense of enthusiasm and thirst to learn about New Media. Those who want a platform to air their views and share their expertise will also be given ample chance to do so.

2 misconceptions about Podcamp:

1) Podcamp is not a stay over camp

There’s no staying over, Podcamp Singapore v2.0 runs from 10am to 4pm.

2) Podcamp is for everyone, not just podcasters

Bloggers, vloggers or anyone that is interested in web 2.0 is welcome.

Additional details about the Podcamp Singapore v2.0 will be released soon, so do stay tuned!